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Associate Prof. Thomas C. Wanger

Associate Prof. Thomas C. Wanger  | Westlake University, China 

GAN Initator | Core Team Chair | Collaborator in Brazil & Indonesia

Tom Wanger is an interdisciplinary scientist trying to better understand how agricultural diversification affects the environment and people. Tom’s team is working on the intersection of sustainability science, agricultural production systems, and technology to find solutions for sustainable natural resource use, impactful policies, and the tools to improve the lives of people. Tom initiated the GAN and enjoys building the network.



Prof. Ivette Perfecto

Prof. Ivette Perfecto  | University of Michigan, USA 

Collaborator in Chiapas, Mexico

Ivette Perfecto is the George W. Pack Professor of Environment and Sustainability at the University of Michigan. Her research focuses on biodiversity and arthropod-mediated ecosystem services, especially bio-control.  



Teja Tscharntke.jpg

Prof. Teja Tscharntke  | University of Göttingen, Germany 

Collaborator in Piura|Cusco, Peru & Sumatra|Sulawesi, Indonesia

Teja Tscharntke is a professor of Agroecology at the University of Göttingen, Germany. His research focuses on biodiversity and community composition of plants and animals as well as multitrophic plant-insect interactions, including pollination and biological pest control in temperate and tropical regions. Particular attention is paid on the relative role of local and landscape effects on patterns and processes in land-use systems. Collaborative research on socioeconomic-ecological systems in human-dominated landscapes assesses the significance of biodiversity-related ecosystem services and landscape management.



Prof. Eric Lambin  | Stanford University, USA 

Collaborator in Ecuador

The research of Eric Lambin's team tries to better understand causes and impacts of land use changes in different parts of the world. In particular, it focusses on how globalization affects land use, and how private and public regulations of land use interact to promote more sustainable land use practices.



Kristoffer Hylander.jpg

Prof. Kristoffer Hylander  | Stockholm University, Sweeden 

Collaborator in South West Ethiopia  

Professor Kristoffer Hylander is a landscape ecologist at Stockholm with a broad interest in patterns and processes of biodiversity across natural and human modified ecosystems. One particular interest is how coffee agroforestry systems can play a role in maintaining tropical biodiversity.



Alexandra Morel.jpg

Dr. Alexandra Morel  | Dundee University, UK

Collaborator in Central Region, Ghana & Oromia, Ethiopia 

Alexandra Morel is an ecosystem scientist interested in the interface of ecology and economic development, particularly understanding the ecological processes supporting agricultural commodity production and how it may be impacted by landscape, management and climate drivers.  




Prof. Jaboury Ghazoul  | ETH Zürich, Switzerland

Collaborator in India

Jaboury Ghazoul has been Professor of Ecosystem Management at ETH Zurich since 2005. Since 2018 he is also the Director of the Centre for Sustainable Forests and Landscapes at the University of Edinburgh, and held the visiting position of the Prince Bernhard Chair of International Nature Conservation at Utrecht University from 2015-2020. As a forest ecologist, he has interests spanning three main research areas, namely, the reproductive dynamics of forest trees, ecological changes in human-dominated landscape mosaics, and forest and landscape restoration. He leads research on ecology, ecosystem management, and conservation. He seeks to understand ecosystem interactions and services, including pollination, gene flow, biodiversity change, and nutrient cycling, particularly in the context of different land management strategies and contexts. Recent work has been in oil palm and coffee agroforestry landscapes. Jaboury Ghazoul has published four books and over 200 articles, and is involved in many professional advisory groups including the UK Expert Committee on Forest Science, and the Steering Group of the international Biodiversity Revisited programme.



Ingolf Steffan-Dewenter.jpg

Prof. Ingolf Steffan-Dewenter | University of  Würzburg, Germany

Collaborator in Piura|Cusco, Peru

Ingolf Steffan-Dewenter is Professor and Head of the Department for Animal Ecology and Tropical biology at the University of Würzburg, Germany. He studies the impact of global change on biodiversity and ecosystem functions at multiple spatial scales with a focus on insect pollination and biological pest.



Luke Powell.JPG

Dr. Luke Powell | University of Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Collaborator in Cameroon

Luke L. Powell is a conservation ecologist focused on the effect of forest disturbance on tropical fauna.  His research group is currently focused on understanding the ecosystem services that birds and bats provide to African cocoa farmers, and how to best manage farms and landscapes to promote win-wins for farmers and biodiversity.  



Dr. Manuel Toledo-Hernández  | Westlake University, China 

GAN Coordinator Collaborator in Brazil & Indonesia

Manuel Toledo-Hernández is a postdoc researcher at the Sustainable Agriculture & Technology Lab in Westlake University, and coordinator of the GAN initiative. His research focus lies on agroforestry systems and their potential for ecosystem services provision and for promoting sustainability. 



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