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July 2020 | Call to integrate agroecological principles for the benefit of people and planet

Cocoa agroforest Cabruca Brazil
Cocoa agroforestry systems (cabrucas) in Bahia, Brazil

GAN members make a joint call to incorporate agroecological production principles for the Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework (GBF), aiming to combine multi-stakeholder efforts for protecting biodiversity for the benefit of the people and the planet.

In a correspondence article released this summer in Nature Ecology and Evolution, authors propose three “2030 Action Targets” to reach biodiversity recovery and secure people's livelihoods through agroecology: 1) reduce the threats to biodiversity, 2) meeting people’s needs through sustainable use and benefit sharing, and 3) tools and solutions for implementation and mainstreaming.

In a final remark, authors conclude that integrating agroecological principles will help to make a more robust GBF in favor of nature and people’s needs and provide tools and solutions to reach 2050 vision of “living in harmony with nature”.

The full paper is available here:

Original publication: Wanger, T. C., DeClerck, F., Garibaldi, L. A., Ghazoul, J., Kleijn, D., Klein, A. M., ... & Settele, J. (2020). Integrating agroecological production in a robust post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework. Nature Ecology & Evolution, 4(9), 1150-1152.

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