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What are Rubber Agroforestry Systems and what are the Benefits for Smallholders and Industry?

Aktualisiert: 18. Mai 2021

Rubber Agroforestry Systems are thought to be an alternative to conventional monocultural production systems. But are they? Hard to know if we don't even know what rubber agroforestry is.

Together with Mighty Earth, our team of GAN scientists and collaborators produced the first complete report entitled "Rubber Agroforestry - Feasibility at Scale" to provide a typology of what rubber agroforestry is and which benefits for livelihoods and the environment these systems entail.

The report is released publicly on 18th of May 2021 during the GPSNR webinar on rubber agroforestry.

>> You can access the full report here and the summary here. <<

We also used this opportunity to launch our new GAN Rubber Agroforestry project.

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